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2008. ○The G1 is se○en as a rival of ○Apple's popular〓 iPhone. It is r■eported that a s●econd Google phone ●based on the


■shed in 2007 by 〓

A◆ndroid platform,◆ named Agora, will b〓e launched■ by Austral〓ian company K●ogan at the en〓d of January 20


Google and 33 other?/h2>

09.○ Related stories:MAN●ILA, Feb. ■16 (Xinhua) -- As ○many companies ●are reporti●ng losses an●d planning jo●b slashes, a■ Chi


?firms including Mo

na-base○d telecommunica●tion-equipment suppl◆ier makes ○an excepti○on in the P■hilippine market as◆ well as i


●torola, T-Mob●ile, Sa


n other ■parts of the worl●d. Huawei Technolog○ies Philippines,◆ Inc. posted〓 a growth of 55〓 percent in its ◆sales volu■me in 2008, from 1○50 million U.S■. dollars i○n the previo○us year. "

We are ex■pecting a furthe○r growth of a○round 50 pe■rcent this◆ year," sa●id Mr. Yang○ Hua, president of 〓the company, i■n a recent interview● with

Xinhua. ●A latest Intern◆ational Monetary Fun●d report proje●cted that the gl●obal growth will fal〓l to 0.5 percent i●n 2009, its low?/p> Read more...

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?Telecom ope〓rator T


st rate sinc〓e World War II○. The figu●re for 2008 is 3.4 ●percent down from th◆e previous


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